The Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre Calgary holds bingo events once a month atBingo Barn

located at 33rd Street NE Community Bingo Association

Bingo Barn Calgary (website)



Bingo requires hand eye coordination and focus-which is why research shows that bingo players score much higher than non-players in test of mental acuity. Researchers report that folks who participate in social games such as bingo, enjoy less stress and greater self-esteem.


Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy a game of bingo!

We appreciate the help volunteer staff provides for bingo. If you would like to get involved please contact the following:

Agnez Kostadinovic – Phone: (403) 285-7155   Danica Matkovic ……(403) 932-4919

 For more information contact Centre’s administrative office for details at:

Phone: (403) 923-1245 Fax:  . 403 250 8743 Email:


Bingo Schedule

Date TimeDay
June 23, 2017Afternoon bingoFriday
June 30, 2017Afternoon bingoFriday
July 11, 2017 Afternoon bingoTuesday
August 3, 2017Afternoon bingoThursday
August 23, 2017Afternoon bingoWednesday
September 8, 2017Afternoon bingoFriday
September 25, 2017Afternoon bingoMonday
October 4, 2017Afternoon bingoWednesday
November 2, 2017Afternoon bingoThursday
November 12, 2017MorningSunday
November 12, 2017Afternoon bingoSunday
November 29, 2017Afternoon bingoWednesday
December 12, 2017Afternoon bingoTuesday
December 21, 2017Afternoon bingoThursday
M – Morning bingo, 8.30 AM – 11.30 AM A – Afternoon bingo, 11.30 AM – 3.30 PM E – Evening bingo, 5 PM – 9 PM, LN Late Nights - 10:00pm

Strategies for Bingo Players

Bingo is a very simple game where your chances of winning depend almost exclusively on luck. However, there are a few strategic rules you should stick to in order to optimize your winning chances.

Choose a room with few other player: These calculations are simple: the fewer competitors (meaning the fewer plates that are used) the greater the chances of you winning. Remember that rooms with few people rarely offer the best winnings, so it is often a trade-off between great winnings with low odds or small winnings with better odds.

Hit the hall these Fridays!

August is one of the best times to play bingo, because fewer players .

Bingo Cards!

It is a good idea to by a lot of cards for one game instead of playing with only one card in many games. Of course you spend a lot more money in one game, but you optimize your chances of being the first to get bingo significantly. You should definitely follow this rule whenever there are big prices to win. Sure, playing multiple cards means multiple chances to win, but how many give you best odds? Go for four, that’s how many you can manage at once. Pick more, and more likely you’ll miss a call.

Bingo Factor!

Just divide total payout by what you plan to spend, the lower the bingo factor, the higher your odds.