Croatian Language – class feedback


Croatian class feedback

Our Croatian class started on the first Saturday in October. By now it represents 14 regular ‘students’ who are attending classes from the beginning in two groups for one and a half hour each.
Since then we have gone through the basics of Croatian grammar, learned some everyday vocabulary and continuing to upgrade and expand our knowledge by each lesson. It’s a slow process but, as we all would agree, Croatian language is not an easy language to learn.
Each participant has her or his reasons for starting the course so here are some of them and their opinion of the class so far:

My heritage is Croatian from Lika. My father was born in Canada but my mother was born in Lovinac. She came to Canada when she was 10 years old. Her dad was already here. Her mother was supposed to come with her but she died before the trip.
I spoke Croatian when I was growing up, in fact I did not speak English until I went to school. I really have not spoken Croatian or heard Croatian for decades.  I am going with some family members to Croatia this summer to visit relatives and wanted to learn how to speak, read, and write Croatian. This class has given me that opportunity. In class there is a great deal of dialogue in a nice relaxed atmosphere. Very friendly and fun class. It is nice that the 2 groups were formed as there are a lot of students.
Also, I am very interested in continuing with the classes after Christmas. I realize that there will be a charge but that is not problem. Hopefully the Croatian center will allow us to continue there after Christmas as it is a very nice  room and I think it is easy for most people to get to.

I visited Croatia in May 2013 as part of a tour group which is a good way to visit all the ‘top spots’ in a country.  As I will be returning on my own in May 2014 with plans to visit the interior as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s important to be able to communicate with people.  Ana is an excellent teacher.  She is very thorough in teaching the basics and ensures we understand the nuances before moving on.  It’s a challenging language to learn, but Ana makes it interesting and fun.  Thank you very much to the Croatian-Canadian Association for sponsoring Croatian language classes.  I hope there will be more future sessions.

There are several reasons why my family and I are taking Croatian lessons;
The first language I learned was Croatian.  Being born in Canada made it difficult to learn proper grammer.  For me it is about practicing what I already know and building upon it, to improve.
For my kids, I want them to learn about part of their heritage and maybe one day when we go there (Croatia) they can understand something.

I have not practiced Croatian for over 8 years but with proper Language lessons from Ana and online contest to study over the last couple months my understanding of Croatian has greatly improved. Hvala ti Croatian cultural center biti domaćin ovog.

Thank you for offering these classes.  I am not Croatian and I knew very little of the language before I started.  I wanted to be able to understand my husband and his family.
I had been wanting to take a Croatian language course for a long time and I was glad to hear that this one was being offered.  These classes are helping me.  I enjoy attending and I look forward to the classes.  Ana is a great teacher.  She is very patient and helpful and is also very encouraging.  She has great learning games and I like the way she teaches.  I hope these classes continue.  I will continue going as long as there are classes available.  It’s a great course with a great teacher.
Puno Hvala