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Learn Croatian Language

Opportunity to Learn Croatian Language

Croatian classCroatian Canadian Cultural Centre Calgary (CCCCC) provides the opportunity to learn Croatian language, or to renew your knowledge of the language.
Croatia is increasingly becoming an attractive tourist destination that is worth a visit because there are countless places worth visiting, rich history and culture to be familiar with, or maybe business and investment opportunity.
If you are able to communicating in native language of any country it makes your stay there more pleasant and enjoyable, so in Croatia as well.
Croatian language courses are for adults over age 18 or 20. There are two levels of the course; for beginners and advanced. The course starts at the beginning of October, and ending at the end of May, every Saturday at the library in Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre Calgary. In addition, we offer a “Summer review school” that would go from June to the end of September. This school depends on the number of interested.

For these courses the teachers are using books “Croatian for beginners 1” textbook and vocabulary, and “Croatian for Beginners 1” workbooks and grammar, that are ordered from Croatia.

If you are interested for the course please feel free to contact CCCCC by email or by phone 403-250-9821.

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