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Natural Sunscreen in Foods

Crimini Mushrooms

Cremini Mushrooms

• The difference between these popular varieties of mushrooms is just age. The white button mushrooms, those very familiar kitchen staples, are simply the youngest variety. They have been cultivated, too, for that white color and soft texture. In the wild these mushrooms are usually browner.

• The portobello is the most mature mushroom here; it’s really just an overgrown white mushroom! They are left to grow for longer, until they have spread out into that delicious meaty cap.

• The cremini mushroom, then, is just in between these two varieties. It’s a moderately mature version of the white button mushroom, which is why it has a similar flavor. It’s younger than the portobello, but still related, which is why these are sometimes sold as “baby bella” or “baby portobello” mushrooms.

They’re rich in selenium, B vitamins and ergothioneine nutrients that strengthen skin against UV attack, plus help your immune system destroy abnormal cells.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds were a celebrated food among many Native American tribes, who treasured them both for their dietary and medicinal properties. In South America, the popularity of pumpkin seeds has been traced at least as far back as the Aztec cultures of 1300-1500 AD. From the Americas, the popularity of pumpkin seeds spread to the rest of the globe through trade and exploration over many centuries. In parts of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (especially Greece), pumpkin seeds became a standard part of everyday cuisine, and culinary and medical traditions in India and other parts of Asia also incorporated this food into a place of importance.

The seeds are also good sources of protein, as well as iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and potassium. 25 grams of seeds can provide over 20 percent of the recommended daily iron intake.Furthermore, just one-fourth cup of seeds provides approximately 185 mg of magnesium, nearly 50% of the Recommended Daily Intake.

Caught without sunblock and got burned, eat 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds daily can ease redness fast, say Spanish researchers. Compound in pumpkin  seeds speed healing.




Peaches and Plums

Both are packed with polyphenols compounds that quickly soak into skin cells, blocking up to 26% of the sun’s cancer causing rays, say British researchers.




Over the past several years, astaxanthin has earned a reputation as one of the most potent and powerful nutritional supplements ever made.
Studies found those who eat crabs, lobsters, salmon and wild trout, can spend almost twice as much time in the sun before any skin damage occurs!

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