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Picnic June 14th 2015 at Croatian Centre Calgary

On Sunday June 14th the Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre hosted their annual Picnic. There were five lambs and five pigs roasted which were accompanied by a variety of fresh salads and buns.
The meat was slow cooked over ten different spits and then brought to the courtyard and prepared for everyone to enjoy. A fairly large number of people attended the picnic and waited anxiously in line to buy tickets and receive their meals. Plenty of drinks and good food were enjoyed by all. Lots of socializing and camaraderie was had by many, with plenty of laughter and good times to remember. It was a great success and is something that the Centre is proud to host and share with its members and the public.

Written by: Kayla Kranjcevic

Photos by: Kayla Kranjcevic

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