Good reads for summer

I have to every so often put something on our blog, that you may come to see what we got today, enjoy…

1) Protect potatoes


Apples emit ethylene gas as they ripen, gas can cause some fruits & vegetables to ripen fast, studies show that it has opposite effect on the starch in potatoes: it delays them from sprouting. Just store your potatoes with an a apple in a cool dark place and your potatoes will lost much longer.

2) Mold-proof cheese

CheeseJust dampen a paper towel with 3 Tbs. vinegar and place it at the bottom of a plastic container. Then place cheese sealed in a plastic bag, so it doesn’t soak up the vinegary test. To boost the mold-defying benefits, before you shut the container’s lid, add four sugar cubes to attract any mold that does form, the sugar cubes act like a decoy.

Washing berries in a solution of thee parts water to one part vinegar also keeps them fresher longer.

3) Keep cucumbers crisp


Cucumbers should be stored at room temperature not in your fridge, cucumbers stored for more then three days at 10° C or below come down with  “cold injury” – wateriness and pitting that leads them to spoil faster.

4) How to keep onions fresh longer

Onions 1

Take an old, clean pair of pantyhose and drop your onions in the legs, twisting off between each onion. Then hang your onion-hose in a cool, dry place . The nylon mesh protects  the onions from moisture and allows air to circulate around them, inhibiting sprouting and mold growth.

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