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Podčempres – 19th Century Dalmatian Stone House Village

Named among the most beautiful stone houses in Dalmatia in 2016, Podčempres – Baćina

A 19th century village of a few stunning stone houses have been renovated to create the impressive ethno-art oasis Podčempres. The historic hamlet Podčempres is situated on the eastern slopes of the nature park of the Biokovo mountain, next to the seven lakes of Baćina, and is near the Neretva delta, which is the biggest delta in Croatia, making it the ideal holiday destination for those looking to enjoy the peace of the nature.The renovations have been done to make sure that the stone houses still have that authentic touch whilst combining some new modern touches such as pools and fitness facilities.podcempres8podcempres9

Houses dating from the 19th century, and although the village introduced a note of modernity in the form of swimming pools and sports fields, care was taken to a village in the reconstruction remains as authentic. The proximity of the most famous destinations of Adriatic guarantees a vacation filled with activities with everything guests may need to enjoy – lush gardens, gazebos by the pool, authentic interior and equipped studios because it is in Podčempres actively organize art colony.






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